About Us (Me...2HM)

No matter how many websites I've built, or how many bios I've written for programs (makes sense later), "About Us" pages are always an adventure. Let's try this revision out!

Who's Us? You? 2HM?

It's all me. I'm a guy from Colorado named Colin. I own a company called 2Henchmen Productions, LLC. of which 2HM Concepts is a part of. The 2Henchmen (2HM) part is a long story that ends with a dollar bill and a bunch of titanium. Ask me about it below and I'll give you a fun origin story with ups and downs. Plus there might be a bonus in it for you (really).

Technically, my job is artist. No really, I'm a lighting designer/programmer for theatre. I work with a very talented lighting and scenic designer, Paul Black. There's even some pictures of a recent project over there. We also do projections work (hence the graphics and video work I provide here). For the locals, I've worked with the Evergreen Players over at Center Stage (39 Steps anyone?).

What's the point? Well, first off it means that you're not working with some anonymous robot. I'm a real guy that will drive to your home or place of business, sit down and talk shop for a couple hours. Just to hear your story and see how we can prosper together. So let's get in touch. If nothing else, I'm great for a conversation.

Cool. So, what all do you do?

The services page have more detailed information and breakdowns, but this is the about us page...so here's the list:

  • Full web design and hosting. From scratch, rebuilds, mobile optimization, responsive design, e-commerce, etc.
  • Local and competition targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media management, Google Adwords, Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.
  • Content creation. Written, video, audio (I've got that face for radio), artwork, and...lighting.
  • Consulting. Mostly communication and systems integration. I live for making things work easier, more effective, and more automatic. 
  • Secret sauce software.