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Hi! As I said in my email or video my name is Colin. I do web design, but my real passion is lighting design and programming (some of my work is below). When it comes to a website there's a bunch of overlap between what I need as a designer, and what I generally sell to small businesses. Artists, we're different. We aren't looking for daily SEO updates and continuous marketing. We're not competing with 20 other contractors, plumbers, or electricians. 

Get noticed, showcase your work, don't break the bank.

It's just a different type of industry and economy. Your website is a showcase for your talent. Potential clients, producers, or buyers are most likely coming to your website from a recommendation, an art showing, word of mouth, a program, etc.

The prices most general web design/SEO agencies charge just isn't all that worth it. The style matters just as much, if not more than the content (which is the exact opposite of what I tell my small business clients)

Due to these differing requirements, and the time allowed by my lighting design work I'm able to offer much
more bang for the buck. Artist to artist.

The highlights are below, but the bottom line is that for a one time fee, you get a modern, professionally designed website for a full year. No monthly payment hassle. After a year, I can continue to host and manage your website for a low monthly fee, or I turn over everything to you for just the cost of hosting. The design is yours to keep! Pay once and be done!

During the month of October, I'm taking $300 off a full one year website. 

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